Know where you are and take charge of where you're going

Would you like a better understanding of your business finances? While having your books done for you?

Bookkeeping services

What would you like?

Understandable Reports

Reports tailored to your business. Know exactly where you are and choose where you want to go.

Easy for you

Software and services designed especially for small businesses. It's easy for you and gives us the data we need.

Personal service

Speak to a person who's worked on your books and understands your business. 

Flexible packages

Pay for what you value. Choose how much to hand over to us and how much you want to do yourself. 

Easy to understand reports

Feel powerful in your business

Even the minimum record keeping for compliance reasons generates a lot of financial data. We can use that data to create specialised reports. Understand your business better and make informed decisions.

Know what money is yours and what you should keep aside with cash budgets and regular tax estimates.

Financial reports and ad hoc reports tailored to your business and explained by your bookkeeper.

Do you want to know how different products perform or how a marketing campaign went?

No jargon. If you don't talk about draft balances or KPIs we won't either. 

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About US

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We use our experience to create yours

Our mission is to help small business owners to feel powerful in their businesses by understanding their business finances.

Grace Cameron, founder and team leader, started Sunlight Bookkeeping to connect into her local community and help strengthen local small businesses. She believes small business is at the heart of community resilience and localness.

Quality guarantee

Peace of mind

We use best practice bookkeeping methods so you can have peace of mind.

Your books will be impeccable every time. We can guarantee this because we are accredited licencees of the Pure Bookkeeping System, a best practice method for bookkeepers.

In the unlikely event your accountant finds an error, we'll fix it for free.

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