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Walking towards business success

Living in the multi-tasking world of small-business, it’s easy to believe that success comes from hard work and stress. I’m told that it doesn’t have to be that way so, I’m trying to work smarter. Exercise has become my not-so-secret weapon in boosting productivity, creativity, and overall effectiveness.

Physical activity does more than keep us fit—I find it clears my mind and I can get back to work, fresh and sharp. Studies back this up, showing that exercise enhances cognitive functions, memory, and creativity, all of which turbocharge my work performance.

Running a business can be exhausting and I often don’t feel motivated at the end of the day. Some people like to start the day with a work out but that doesn’t work for my heart condition. I’ve started putting down my calculator in the middle of the day and taking the dog out for a walk—even if it’s just around the block.

Wizard is enthusiastic about the new plan. I find it boosts my energy and reduces my stress. I come back, focused, alert, motivated. All that fresh air gives me a fresh perspective!

Work-life balance isn’t just vital—it’s the crux of success, happiness and staying enthusiastic about my business. It can’t be all hussle and if I don’t look after my body, I don’t sleep as well, and everything becomes harder.

Beyond that, I’m a team leader. I’m trying to lead by living it, within my team. I hope that we can foster a positive company culture that cherishes well-being, thereby enhancing motivation and teamwork.

I’ve also been hearing about walking meetings and have been told that they keep conversations flowing amidst fresh air and scenic views. That’s tricky, working remotely, but it might work for you?

Thinking on my feet—and outside of my computer box—has been a game-changer for me.

The path to success doesn’t have to be a relentless grind. By incorporating physical activity, I’ve not only boosted my work-life balance but also my productivity. Fitness isn’t just about physical health—it’s the gateway to enhancing effectiveness in all aspects of life. 

Why am I writing about exercise, instead of bookkeeping? 

Sometimes you need a break — and taking a walk might be enough.

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